Roots and non-roots [WIP]


Paradoxes of life, as we encounter them - many. And one such that I have been contemplating in my own personal perspective of where one feels at home. We all yearn for belonging to a place and belonging to people. The modern world as it affords more chances for people to move around, and also places an imperative to move around in order to grow by gathering like a stone-age forager, real world experiences to link and learn from, rather than berries.

To remain where the random event of birth placed one, geographically or philosophically, could be either an act of laziness or the ultimate luck of being handed desirable cards to play with from the beginning. Plants like to grow on fertile surface areas, but do not complain in much smaller surface areas in my balcony. They do complain, wither and wilt when I promote them to better conditions in my opinion, but adapt and thrive after a period of acclimatisation.